Limousine versus taxis- Good and the bad

This article focuses on two different types of car rental services. While the services provided are fundamentally the same, there are vast differences between the two when judged according to a set of prescribed parameters. These parameters make a huge difference to the customer. This article might help shape your decision in choosing the right kind of car rental service.

  • Quality and kind of service

The biggest difference between limousines and taxi service lies in the quality and kind of service they provide. Limousines are hired to specially cater to your needs for a definite time period. Its value lies in its exclusivity. Taxi services are rendered at any moment for anyone. While it is not exclusive, you don’t have to make reservations and can pick a taxi anywhere at your whim and fancy.


  • Comfort

There is a vast difference between the comfort you’ll find in a limo and the one in a regular taxi. The limousine service vehicles are maintained in a top notch condition with extra special amenities to make you feel extremely comfortable. The taxi of course just ensures ferrying you to your destination. But limos are preferable in wedding functions and other special events.

  • Pricing

Judging by the previous parameters it’s not hard to guess which service is going to cost you a lot. Due to its exclusivity and high levels of comfort rendered the limousine services are going to burn a few holes in your pocket. And this is where the taxi service strikes victory over the limo. It is way cheaper than the limo, and can be afforded by most people. If you choose wisely, you can hire a limo in best price as well. Go to¬†limousineandcarhire for the best deals on limo hire and other services.


  • Timing

Now this is the biggest constraint if you are hurrying somewhere. Because of reservation facilities, limousines will always maintain time. They take into account meandering through thick traffic while arranging a time slot for you. The taxis with their on-demand pick-up service find it hard to keep up with timing constraints.

  • Flamboyance

While some might consider this a frivolous and superficial parameter for judgment you can’t deny arriving in a limousine, or any suave car emits sophistication. And if you’re on the way to a swanky party then it might do you good to arrive there in style rather than arriving in a regular, sometimes run-down cab.

So with the parameters laid out, you should be able to make an informed choice on which kind of car service you’d prefer to hire. It really depends on what you want.

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