What Man Should Know About Black Tie Dress Code and Sunglasses

The black tie dress code is a type of dress code that is used for formal types of events. These include weddings, formal parties and more. Any man who is going to attend a formal event will need to learn how the black tie dress code works.

Orlando Bloom with Black Tie

A black tuxedo will be the first part of the attire that a man should use. This will feature a black dinner jacket with a ribbed lapel. The pants should be black dress slacks. These slacks will need to have stripes down the legs. The stripe can be silk or satin. A white dress shirt will be worn underneath the tuxedo. The shirt will have a ribbed or pleated front. A few additional black accessories will need to be worn. A black silk bow tie can be used. A black cummerbund or a black waistcoat will also be required.

The shoes and socks are just as important for a black tie event. The socks should be black and able to stretch up to the knees. The socks can also be calf length socks. The shoes will be black and made with a polished leather surface. Patent leather can also be used.

The final parts of the black tie dress code involve accessories. A handkerchief can be used in the breast pocket of the tuxedo. A wristwatch can be worn as well. All other accessories should be kept at a minimum. This means that jewelry should be avoided unless it is a ring on the hand.

Moving on to sunglasses, here’s our take:

Tom Ford James Bond Sunglasses 2011

There are some items that can really make a person look like they come from the movies. They look nice and they are in style. Sometimes these items stay in style for a long time and they still look great a few years down the road. A common item that people wear that makes them look like the stars is the pair of sunglasses. There are hundreds of different types of sunglasses that are on the market and very popular simply because celebrities or characters have worn them. For those individuals who want to look like a celebrity or like they should be in the films, they are recommended to try the Tom Ford James Bond sunglasses. They also go perfectly with a cool Tee if you are planning to buy a t shirt online.

Tom Ford James Bond 007 Sunglasses

These sunglasses are perfect for the James Bond fan and they are shaped to look great on many different men. They were featured in the movie, “Quantum of Solace”. These look classic, sleek and have the look of the aviators that so many people find attractive. It is the perfect accessory to guard the eyes against the sun but also to complete a great outfit. These glasses come in four different colors. They have leather temple tips for comfort, and they have the logo on Tom Ford imprinted on both ends.

These glasses make a great gift for the special man or even for one that just simply loves James Bond. They are in shorter supply than in previous months so people are urged to purchase them while they are still available if they are indeed interested in the James Bond look for either themselves or for someone else.

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